About my coaching services

How long is the commitment?

I look at coaching as going on a business journey with my clients. Some clients’ journeys are only over the course of a year, whilst others could be 3 years plus. It really depends on the individual business owner and their vision. We review our progress regularly to determine next steps.

How fast can I expect results?

Results such as developing a budget and forecast and reviewing margins for example can happen very quickly. However, my coaching is really about coaching to achieve the overall vision for business.

How often do we catch up?

I offer either weekly or fortnightly coaching at client’s premises or via Skype for clients outside the Sydney CBD.  These sessions last for 60-90 minutes.

Can we meet at our premises?

Yes, absolutely. Coaching at a clients’ premises has shown to deliver higher success rates as it allows me to get a greater understanding of your business and its team members and is generally much freer from distraction.

How are you different from other coaches?

I really care and want business owners to succeed and achieve their vision. Having done this myself with my business, I know what a fantastic sense of achievement it is and I will utilise my knowledge and expertise to make this happen for my clients.

Can I speak to any of your past or current clients?

I can provide the contact details of clients that I am currently working with, so that you can talk with them about the value of my coaching.

Who is any ideal client for coaching?

Companies with no defined vision, and turnover between $750K – 5 million. They would have been in business for at least 2-3 years and have a minimum of 3-5 employees. The business owner has:

  • Lost their reason for being in business
  • An open mind
  • A desire to get their business to the next level

How much does it cost?

After your initial free business vision coaching session (see questionnaire link below), we will design a plan together to reach your goals including: duration, frequency, and other factors such as team member involvement. With that plan in hand, we will be able to propose a cost that works for all parties.

A free business coaching session

A vision shapes the future of a business, it gives it purpose and direction. By completing the simple questionnaire, you can start to develop or redefine your business vision. Once you have completed it, press the “submit” button and I will contact you to arrange a complimentary one-hour business vision coaching session (face-to-face in Sydney metro; Skype or phone for other areas).

Complete the questionnaire