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"James' wealth of experience has been invaluable. Under his mentorship, we've transformed our business."

Director, Agent 6 Marketing

Selling Your Business

For many business owners, the sale of their business is the ultimate goal or it may even be an unattainable dream. I have years of experience in helping businesses in this area.

Determining the value of your business is always the first step towards a successful sale. However, there are a wide range of factors that need to be addressed before, after and during the sale. To ensure you receive a deal that suits your needs.

The most important factors include:

  • Determine the precise value of your business.
  • Work out your sale price
  • Decide whether to use professionals or not – this can be a complicated and stressful experience
  • Gather, document and organise all relevant information to maximise the sale price.
  • Have lawyers prepare your contract of sale.
  • Consider any restrictions and further implications after the sale.
  • Effectively communicate changes with your employees.
  • Address various legal, tax and insurance matters pertaining to the sale.
  • The formal transfer of ownership.
  • Plan whats next!

I have worked with a number of business that have achieved their ultimate goal and I can work with you through this process.

Business Tips

“After performing a comprehensive assessment of my business, James was able to identify our strengths and weaknesses, and help develop a plan of action specific to our needs. Once these initiatives were achieved, my team and company hit remarkable milestones, leading us to be acquired by the largest independent medical technology company in Australia. Thanks, James!”

Managing Director, Reid Healthcare

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A vision shapes the future of a business, it gives it purpose and direction. By completing the simple questionnaire, you can start to develop or redefine your business vision. Once you have completed it, press the “submit” button and I will contact you to arrange a complimentary one-hour business vision coaching session (face-to-face in Sydney metro; Skype or phone for other areas).

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