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"James' wealth of experience has been invaluable. Under his mentorship, we've transformed our business."

Director, Agent 6 Marketing

Team Development


Not only is your team your most important asset, it is more often than not your largest cost. Ensuring your team is successful is dependent upon the culture you create within the workplace.

Developing a winning mentality within your team means that your employees will be encouraged, empowered and operating at their most efficient level. A motivated team will also be more likely to align themselves with your company’s vision.

It is important to clearly explain to your team what the vision is for the business. They need to feel they are an integral part of it and buy into its future. I can help you to develop job descriptions, which clearly spell out what is expected from them as well as KPI’s with which they can measure their success.

There are numerous ways I can help you build and maintain a winning team mentality, such as:

  • Training programs
  • Bonus schemes
  • Career development programs
  • Regular open forums to discuss issues and opportunities

Business Tips

Developing The Right Culture

Creating the ‘right’ workplace culture is easier said than done. Culture is so deeply embedded within the business that it can be hard to change and sometimes even identify.

Although, when you get it right and you are able to create an enjoyable, empowering environment for your employees. Company culture influences everything and everyone. There is are a WEALTH of benefits that come from developing and implementing a great culture, here are just a few:

  • Attract and retain the best employees
  • Increase productivity and satisfaction
  • Create legitimate brand congruence
  • Reduce workplace conflict and encourage productivity
  • Foster trust and innovation
  • Increase communication across departments and hierarchies
  • Deliver better customer service
  • Allow change to occur

What my years of experience and my change management qualifications brings, is not only the ability to help you implement culture, but to help you understand what the ‘right’ culture is.

“With his guidance, we have successfully systemised the production of work and created standards by which everyone operates. As the company staff numbers have grown we have changed the management structure of the business, again with James’ input and recommendations. The change in management structure has been in place for 2 years now and is working well. It has rewarded existing staff with promotion and a growing future within the company.

Ultimately the changes to management have freed me up from the day to day running of the business. It means I can concentrate on creating new business, but also allows me to take time away from the office, knowing that the business is operating perfectly well without me physically being there. I would absolutely recommend to anyone to seek the advice of a good business coach like James to assess their business.”

Managing Director, Gilmore Interior Design

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A vision shapes the future of a business, it gives it purpose and direction. By completing the simple questionnaire, you can start to develop or redefine your business vision. Once you have completed it, press the “submit” button and I will contact you to arrange a complimentary one-hour business vision coaching session (face-to-face in Sydney metro; Skype or phone for other areas).

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