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One common characteristic that can be identified across successful businesses is systematisation. Having well thought out and documented systems ensure the business works efficiently and effectively at all times. It means that your employees are working on the right tasks at the right times.

Without systems, a business tends to operate in a state of chaos and it is hard to find consistency. Whilst it is possible to gain short-term success without proper processes in place. The key to business longevity and scalability is systematisation.

Here are some key benefits we can achieve through better systems:

  • Time: We want to make sure you are working on your business, not in it
  • Efficiency: Reduce inefficiencies, maintain consistency and in turn increase profitability
  • Control: Good systems give you the confidence to delegate more of the day-to-day processes
  • Value: Having well-documented systems provides tangible and measurable value when it comes to selling your business
  • Consistency: Loyalty increases as customers come to expect and receive the best service

I have years of experience working with a range of clients to systematise their business. We spend time planning out the structure and strategies in order to make their business more efficient. Ensuring they always operate in a consistent and effective manner.

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Value of Systemisation

Do you find much of your time as a business owner is dedicated to menial tasks? Whether it be writing proposals, stocktake, invoicing or a number of other roles. What systemisation can bring you is freedom from these time-consuming and often mundane tasks, so that you can spend more time growing your business.

Systemisation is not a complex procedure, it is simply the documentation of business processes so they can be carried out more efficiently by yourself or others. One common example is that you may be spending hours each week compiling custom reports for clients. When you could instead systemise this process by creating a report template that only requires you to change the date and a few numbers.

With a template, even a junior employee can easily and affordably create your reports. As a business owner, you need to be focussing your efforts on what makes the company money. If you invoice clients for $140 per hour, you should be looking to increase these billable hours not spending your time elsewhere.

Why Should You Document Your Systems And Processes?

Over the years I have seen far too many clients unable to grow due to a poor allocation of their time and resources. As previously explained, systemisation can free you from wasting your time on the wrong activities. To further reinforce the argument for business owners to take the time to document their systems and processes I have highlighted a range of benefits below.

  • It allows your business to run smoothly when you are not present, as you can easily delegate to others
  • It makes staff training and turnover a far easier process
  • It helps to identify where automation and time-saving software can be introduced e.g. invoicing, reports etc.
  • It keeps your business activities and customer experience consistent.
  • You can hire less-skilled and therefore less-expensive workers, as there are clearly set out systems and processes for them to follow

Identifying which systems and processes you should document can be easier said than done. Often these activities have become so ingrained in your day-to-day routine that they are perceived to be important or complex. One of my skills is helping owners recognise what areas of their business can be systemised and where they can better allocate their time and skills.

“We realised that for our business to really grow, we need to put in place systems and procedures which would enable us to work much more effectively, consistently and efficiently. James has been instrumental in helping us plan and develop the required systems and procedures. With him working beside us and guiding us, I know we can scale our business and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves.”

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