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"James' wealth of experience has been invaluable. Under his mentorship, we've transformed our business."

Director, Agent 6 Marketing

Setting Achievable Goals


Alongside a vision statement, one of the key steps to maximise the opportunity for success of any small business is to create strong and well-planned foundations. These foundations are built upon goals set across all aspects of the business and for all team members.

I have found that the time and energy invested in goal setting will pay off in the way your business operates and in the performance of the team. The results can be dramatic and measurable with increased productivity and profitability.

In order to extract these benefits, it is important that business owners understand what goal setting actually means. It’s about undertaking a process to establish what you want to achieve from the business and then developing and implementing a plan that enables you to accomplish it. All the while ensuring that you have systems in place that keep you accountable to achieving those goals.

In that regard, I meet with my clients either weekly or fortnightly to help keep them accountable to their goals. We also review where they are up to against the overall plan on a quarterly basis.

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Learn To Set Goals

In my 15 years as a business coach, I have never seen a business enjoy long-term success without goals. Goals are what help drive the business forward, they are the fuel in your car. Goals make things happen.

I have seen many inexperienced business owners launch their companies without setting any ‘real goals’.  ‘Real goals’ refers to specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and trackable (SMART) goals.

Sadly, these individuals find themselves continually changing direction without gaining any traction. As they can rarely track their progress and are not accountable for anything they quickly lose motivation and tend to go round and round in circles.  In, short they are very unlikely to ever realise their business’ vision.

Setting goals are not difficult when it is done right. I have helped business owners from all types of industries use goals to guide themselves towards success.

“Setting goals and being made accountable to them week in, week out, has revolutionised my business. Before I met James, I wasn’t progressing and I didn’t know where to start. Now I’m seeing the business I’ve always wanted come to life. Being accountable changed everything.”

Director, Agent 6 Marketing

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