Areas of Focus

"James' wealth of experience has been invaluable. Under his mentorship, we've transformed our business."

Director, Agent 6 Marketing

Setting Your Financial Plan


It is imperative as a business owner that you know the figures for your business. One of the first things I will undertake with you as a client is to develop a budget and forecast.

All small businesses should draw up budgets to determine the most efficient and effective strategies for making money and expanding their asset base. Budgeting can help a company use its financial and human resources in the most effective way to move the business forward in a positive and profitable manner.

Although budgeting can be time-consuming and costly for small businesses, it provides a variety of benefits, including an increased awareness of costs, a coordination of efforts toward company goals, improved communication, and a framework for performance evaluation.

Aside from the cost, the perceived complexity of budgeting and forecasting can make it a daunting prospect for some individuals, which is why I would like to work with you, to help you through this process.

Together we will review forecasts and budgets monthly to ensure that you are on track to make your yearly targets. If not, I’ll assist you to develop strategies to address the issues before they become major ones.

Business Tips

Know Your Numbers

To be successful and profitable all great businesses need to fully understand what the numbers mean so that they can make informed decisions about how to move their business forward.

However, all too often the numbers are neglected and this begins to damage the business, which is why I have outlined a few key tips for staying on top of your finances.

  • Set up a proper accounting system to track those numbers
  • Have clear budgets and forecasts
  • Continually review and benchmark costs
  • Take the time to really work out the “real” profit margins
  • Know your “true breakeven” figure
  • Make sure your paying yourself! Your time is worth $$$
  • Invoice as you go, to make sure your getting paid on time and always chase up payments

“James has really got me focusing on the numbers within the business, and we have experienced year-on-year growth. We now have yearly budgets, targets and stretch targets which we evaluate on a monthly basis. Part of this, is to include the team in the business success we are experiencing through a company-wide bonus scheme. He certainly keeps me accountable!!”

Director, Keystone Building Solutions

A free business coaching session

A vision shapes the future of a business, it gives it purpose and direction. By completing the simple questionnaire, you can start to develop or redefine your business vision. Once you have completed the questionnaire, press the submit button and I will contact you to arrange a complimentary one-hour business coaching session (face-to-face in Sydney metro; Skype or phone for other areas).

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