Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Hire a Business Coach

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A business coach provides structure, guidance, mentoring and accountability to help business owners achieve their overall goals and get the desired return on investment.

What Does a Business Coach Do?

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all strategy when you work with a business coach. The good coaches tailor their services to what you and your company needs are right now, and into the future. 

In general, though, when a business owner decides it’s time to utilise the expertise of a coach, that coach will help them draw the strategic map for the future direction of their business. They will lay out the steps required to turn your business vision into reality. 

Having a business coach also helps you remain accountable. Think about it: with a business coach, you know that someone will check in regularly to see if you’re pursuing your goals as planned. You’re much more likely to do the work if you have to answer to someone who has helped you build your strategic business plan with benchmarks to achieving success! 

Your business coach can do more than just help you plan for the future — they can help you find business success right now. They can help draw up budgets, help reconfigure and strengthen your teams, set up in-office systems to boost productivity, and improve your marketing efforts. 

A business coach can help forecast what your prospects and clients look like in the months and years ahead and help improve client conversion rates.

Also, vitally important for projections if you are planning on retiring or selling your business, your coach can provide advice and planning to prepare your business for your exit. 

Why Should I Hire a Business Coach?

Your business coach can help make you and your team accountable to your business goals and vision for the future.

Accountability is vital to every workplace team. For example, if your employees continue to miss important deadlines, they may need to learn new ways to maintain their accountability. The coach can clarify your expectations and solidify goals to which everyone can aspire. 

Beyond that, a business coach can be your sounding board if you want to push your business in a new direction. They can also assist with planning, forecasting and business modelling before you set up a new company.

Small business coaching can ensure you invest in a future that has plenty of possibilities. 

Your business coach won’t hold back like friends or family members might, either. They’re paid to be honest and do what’s best for your company. Other confidants might worry about hurting your feelings — a business coach will help you make the soundest decisions for your company in a practical and unbiased way. 

Once you have shared your ideas with your business coach, they can take them from an intangible place and give you something to work with. It’s their job to make your business vision into a reality. They help outline the steps to get you from where you are to where you want to be. 

Another great asset that business coaches provide is that they can motivate, inspire and empower you. Perhaps you and your team lack motivation, or a major project has everyone overwhelmed. A new perspective from an experienced outsider can spur everyone toward the finish line. 

To achieve the business success you envision, you have to put yourself out there. Your business coach won’t let you stay in your comfort zone, rather, your coach will give you support and the self-esteem you need to step outside of the lines. 

How Do I Choose a Business Coach to Add These Values to My Organisation?

You’ll find that business coaches come with a varying range of industry and business expertise. Those more skilled and knowledgeable in your particular business sector will often be better positioned to provide specialised advice to suit your industry.

Really importantly, it is more advantageous to find a coach who has had first-hand experience of being a business owner themselves. Someone who has either established, operated or bought and sold their own business. Having gone through this themselves, they can often provide real insights into what and how to avoid common pitfalls.

Having this experience also helps them to understand the pressures and challenges that business owners face in their day to day operations. It allows them to bring ‘real-life’ experience to the table, rather than just ‘text-book’ examples.

They can understand the constraints of managing teams, budgets, HR, finances, operations and marketing activities, that business owners face on a daily basis. So, look around and find the business coach with that hands-on experience and knowledge for you to draw upon.

Where Do I Find a Business Coach?

To, start the process of hiring a business coach ask other successful business owners you know and respect to see if they can make any recommendations.

You can also search online for “business coach near me”. Then check out their reviews and social profiles very carefully.

Their website should tell you a lot about what you need to know. Do they have a good track record, first and foremost? What is their experience? How they can help you?

Their website should explain clearly how they’re different and what value they have to offer you. Some may list their current clients, industry sector expertise and even client testimonials.

Also, don’t be shy in asking to speak to former clients. Their reviews will speak volumes of the person you intend to hire. 

How Do I Select the Right Business Coach?

You certainly don’t want to hire someone who will be inaccessible, rather, someone with whom you can connect and trust implicitly with confidential business and staffing information. 

You want to have someone who you can contact at short notice and who will take your calls, especially in a crisis or when you feel that you need that extra support.

Look for someone who focuses on you and your business. Someone you feel confident in and should have no trouble getting in touch with when they’re away from your office. You want them to be as passionate about your business as you are. After all, your success is their success.

Then, when you meet a prospective business coach and you have done all the background research, you’ll have a better idea of who they are as people. You want to feel comfortable with your coach as they can become like a business partner to you, so find someone who puts you at ease and puts your business first.

I’m Ready — Where Else Can I Find a Business Coach? 

If all of the benefits of a business coach sound ideal, and you’re keen to hire one for your business vision, but are daunted by the search and interview steps, then why not start here — contact me today to see how my business coaching expertise and first-hand experience can help your company to grow and flourish!


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